Chapter 1 Game on!

“I told you they’d be back!” Chris said.
Those evils abominations of the universe have been stealing spare change from all over the universe. And now their here for earths, the largest place with spare change in the universe”
“But how can you tell they’re here?” asked Matt.
“All my video games have started to go berserk,” said Chris, “and the price for a good heavy duty laser doubled this morning.”
“O.K so we need to warn the president,” said Jesse, “President Lister will need to know.”
“Yeah, but how do we get in?” asked Matt
Ah. That’s easy”, said Chris, “when your brother is vice president.”
Later that evening the crew were surprised to be being addressed by the president and his 12 star general, Michael Vista.
“So,” said Vista, “how do you propose we attack this menace?”
“Well, we need to infiltrate their home world, planet N-64”
O.K. we can offer you a ship, but no men, there on holiday. I tell you what, if you can infiltrate the planet, and bring down their leader, we can send men to destroy the remains.”
“It’s a deal,” said Chris

Chapter 2 N-64, landed.

They were landing just as the ship went dry.
“The fools” Chris said “they didn’t give us enough!
“Well we have to find some fuel, in case we need a quick escape.
“Oh well let’s get going” forgetting that they were on an unexplored alien planet.
“Chris no!” exclaimed Quinny “we’re not sure about the air out there!!!”
But Chris was already outside.
“What’s happening to him?” yelled Matt. He saw Chris writhing on the ground, in obvious pain.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” screamed Chris
suddenly he changed, his legs lengthened with agonizing snap. His arms were becoming thicker with muscles upon muscles his short dirty blonde hair grew longer and turned to a light golden blonde. Suddenly Chris’s 16-year-old body changed into that of link, the 18-year-old hylian hero of the legend of Zelda.

“Wow!” cried the others; they were outside in a few seconds, all of them changing! To Chris it suddenly became obvious why they where changing, each one changed on their heart’s level. Matt was a quick agile runner and thought on his feet; suddenly he changed to Sonic the Hedgehog.
Quinny was a strong girl at heart with a great mind, she became Samus from Metroid.
And Jesse was a strong minded guy that was always taking charge; suddenly he became Master Chief the Spartan.

“Well” said Jesse “let’s kick some evil alien ass!”
“You mean prod buttock Chris,” said Chris

Chapter 3 life’s a glitch…

“Man, recon Sucks!” said Quinny
“Yeah, Chris why do we have to creep so slowly, nobodies here!!” added matt.
“Shut up you two, I'm trying to listen!” whispered Jesse.
They had been searching for hours around the Nintendions base, and were yet to find any guards or anything; the boredom was starting to set in.

“Look guys, I’m trying to scope out our situation, and I can’t hear anything with you to idiots bickering about being bored! We’re trying to save the earth. Not playing video games!!”
“But Chris…”
“No this is not a video game!”
They were now in the midst of a dessert wasteland, but a mountain was clearly visible on the horizon, they had been walking for a couple of hours and it wasn’t any closer, suddenly the world “reset” and there were four banshees in front of them.
“Well,” said Chris, “it looks like were going flying!”
“Bitch’n!!” the rest exclaimed
“Wait a second…!” Quinny exclaimed
“What?” Jesse replied
“Think guys, we all played halo! An expansive dessert, banshees and a weird mound in the distance, were playing the maw!”
“Sweet!” yelled jesse “shotgun driver!”

Chapter 4 a villainous twist

“So, they are heading for The Pillar of Autumn”
“Yes sir. At their current speed they should reach the maw in 22 min.”
“Excellent… lets see how they deal with my new improved flood”

22 minutes later…

“Oh my god…”
“This is soooo cool Chris!”
The gamers were all sporting brand new MJOLNIR armor. Just as they entered the pillar of autumn derelict and as they left the world behind and entered the video-game, they were all transformed into Spartan’s.
“Okay guys” said Chris “this is gonna be dangerous, we’re not sure if we will respawn or anything. But if someone falls, keep going, we cant risk losing 2 guys if just one of ya falls”
“Understood Chris” replied Jesse
“Right, well, I think it would be good if Quinny and matt hold back a bit, as you guys managed to get sniper’s as we loaded. Me and Jesse will go ahead and blast some flood ass.”
“Ok Chris” they replied
Jesse and Chris set out, down the ladder, killed the flood hangin’ ’round there and headed for the bridge. Matt and Quinny held back each area until Jesse gave them the all clear. But something was wrong, the flood kept fighting much longer than anyone could remember, and they had all done it on legendary, but they shrugged it off, maybe it was just harder in real life they said as they tried to reassure themselves.

Finally they entered the bridge, Cortana gave them the heads up, and then they continued to the engineering facility, slowly the flood got stronger and stronger, as if with each one they killed, his strength was given to the rest of the flood, which was really bad. They blew the reactors as quickly as they could and ran towards the docking bay. When they arrived Chris came to a horrible conclusion, a single warthog was only able to hold three people! “well looks like we will have to take two” said Jesse “there is always more than one docked in the bay?”
“Brilliant, me and Quinny will take one, and you and Chris will take another Jesse” said matt
“that fine by me” said Quinny. Quinny had always had a sort of sixth sense about things, and she could feel something bad was going to happen.

So they jumped in to the ’hogs, and started driving. Chris in the gunner, Jesse driving and Matt in the gunner, with Quinny driving. When they hit the platform where Foehammer was meant to pick them up and die in the process, but she didn’t come, she didn’t even die. So with an uneasy feeling they continued on, when they hit the second curved tunnel a wall of flood was standing between them and the exit, Jesse gunned the engine but Quinny's ’hog slammed into them, causing matt to be thrown into the side seat and Jesse to have to pull them out of the skid that they were thrown into, he slammed the brakes, the slid to a stop and watched as Quinny’s hog plowed itself into the wall and exploded on the impact, demolishing the wall…

“Quinny! QUINNY!!!!!”

Her com was dead…

Chapter 5. Thorns

‘Pain… pain is good. That means I’m still alive.’ These were Quinny’s first thoughts after regaining consciousness.
‘But… why?’ She thought. She had run into a solid wall of flood, her hog had exploded, yet she was still in one piece? why was she not dead? Then she suddenly realized that she was moving. She looked to her left and saw a dead marine’s body, infected by the flood, was dragging her along a hallway. Why?

“QUINNY!!!!!” matt screamed over the com.
“It’s no use matt!” yelled chris “we have to keep moving!”
“I'm on it!!” called jesse over the deafening roar of the LAAG gun.

In her insane last attempt at helping them, Quinny had cleared a path through the flood so they could just drive straight through. Soon they hit a wall of storage containers and had to run. Matt went first, as he had the only rifle. Chris came next with Jesse covering them with the LAAG. Then sitting on the Longswords boarding deck, Matt covered Jesse’s run with the sniper he had got off the ship. Finally they were all onboard. Jesse leapt for the ramp controls whilst Chris took the wheel and started to pilot them the hell out of there.

As they were dusting off, Matt was checking the ships storage. Suddenly a figure burst out of a locker, matt automatically open fire upon the target, but the bullets just bounced of her armor. She took off her helmet and turned to the pilot.
“Hello Chris.”

Chapter 6. Revelations

"So... tried to leave without me?"
"No Rose, it wasn’t anything like that, we just had to go, and I took whoever was with me!"
"Mum is gonna so yell at you when you get home" said Rose.
"It’s not MY fault you didn’t wanna hang out with us today rosy, it’s yours!"

Rose was dressed in plain black armor, so she stood out from the group. She had always been just as good at games as Chris, and that annoyed him to no end.

"Na uh."
"Ok" said Jesse "rose, how did you get here?"
"well, it was pretty easy, I stowed away on you ship, cause I heard you saying good bye to mom, then when I was following you, and when you guys reached the maw and spawned Spartan green suits, like the master chief, I spawned a black suit, and instead of a banshee I got something else, a pelican. So I assumed my role as Foehammer."
"Oh!" said matt "remember at the drop ship point? Foe hammer never turned up!"
"Yeah, that’s ‘cause I just came straight here. I knew I would get shot down if I had gone to the drop point... wait... wheres Meagan?"

Meagan is Quinny’s first name, but she always hated it, she only ever let rose call her that cause she would frag her all the time in halo if she didn’t!

"Quinny…. fell behind" said Chris, with a completely hollow voice. "She's gone Rose" he said. Tears started welling in rose’s eyes. Quinny had been her best friend since they met, 14 years ago. Chris leaned over to her, and held her. Only now did he finally realize what had happened, one of his best friends in the world, had given her life for them, to give them a chance to save earth, to save their planet, and she was gone...

"Ah miss Quinn, such a pleasure for you to join us...."

Chapter 7 “Call me Jordan”

“Wha… what?” said rose, Wiping away her tears.
“She’s gone rosy. We had a wall of flood ahead of us…. She took them straight on….”
”she saved our lives….” Said Jesse. He had known Quinny the longest, they grew up together.
Surprisingly, rosy went over to matt, who hadn’t said a word since rosy had appeared.
“Are you ok matt?”
Jesse went silent, he had just lost his only friend he had kept his whole life, and is matt ok? He could feel the anger building up inside of him, but he didn’t let it show, he was never good at letting it out, which was a bad thing, because Jesse was a skilled martial artist and when he let out his pent up anger, he was deadly.
“She’s…. she’s gone rose…. I can’t believe she’s gone…. It’s my fault. If I had over driven though them, with Jesse on the gun, we could have made it; she’d still be here…. IT’S MY FAULT!”
“No matt, it’s not your fault, she saved our lives. She’s a true hero.”
Suddenly, Chris realized why matt was so upset. He had completely forgotten till now, matt had always had a huge crush on Quinny, but had never been able to tell her. Jesse had never been told, because Jesse had always held Quinny like a little sister, he was very protective of her, she always enjoyed the attention.

But little did they know, Quinny was alive, and in trouble, and saving the world, would mean saving her too.

“Who are you?” asked Quinny
“I am the End, the game over sign, the final boss you never could beat, that last space invader that went too fast for you to hit. I am the God and ruler of all that is video games. I am without a real name. But you... you can call me Jordan, for that is your game over. Quinny thought about the name Jordan, then she remembered, Jordan was a girl at her school, she was always better than Quinny in everything that Quinny was good at, even though Jordan was really nice, she secretly hated her for it.
“Where am I?!”
“The palace my dear. We are going to have some fun while we wait for your friends to die, then I will have kill you, and this time you will not re-spawn.”
“But why?? All this killing, for spare change? It makes no sense!”
Ah…. There my friend is exactly what you should have asked before setting your filthy human feet on my planet. But now, I must see how your comrades are going. I will leave my friend Gannon to play with you, though he is a little aggressive to those who are not computerized, just one of his little quirks you know? Tootles.”

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